This post is not about setting up a blog which will turn into an evil spirit scaring people away, but about setting a blog using Ghost, a brand new shiny blog platform which was successfully kickstarted at the beginning of the year and which recently released its first public version, the 0.3.1.

As I'm interested in hosting my own blog (as opposed to using Medium), setting up Ghost was a nice way to avoid the boring old solutions (hello Wordpress). As for the installation, this Ghost is hosted on a Kimsufi server. It uses node.js, and I used this opportunity to learn how to setup a nginx server, both for node.js and the static pages at the root of

Doing the setup of the whole thing was kinda fun. When the whole thing finally went live, I removed the default theme and used one called Ghostium.

Writing this first post after the setup, I like the philosophy of Ghost, being a blogging platform designed to be content-focused: the edition area is really quite nice, and writing with Markdown is easy when used to Github.

Ghost edition area

Overall it was fun and seems nice enough, now the only thing left is to find things to write here :)